Romanian National Television — TVR International (in Romanian language), interviewed by Mihaela Crăciun about the meanings of migration, home, and belonging as well as about social life and the future anthropology seminar in the village of Criț, Romania.

Podcast: “Anthropology on Air,” interviewed by Sidsel Marie Henriksen about his forthcoming book Queer Objects to the Rescue: Intimacy and Citizenship in Kenya. (June 2023)

Romanian National Television (in Romanian language), interviewed by Cătălin Ștefănescu, Meiu speaks about anthropology, nationalism, the desire for certainty and the value of self-decentering in the contemporary world. 

Podcast: “Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality”, interviewed by Zachary Davis for the Writ Large Podcast about Sigmund Freud’s classic study Three Essay on the Theory of Sexuality. 

“Diapers and Other Queer Objects”, interviewed by Juliana Friend for the Society of Cultural Anthropology about his article “Underlayers of Citizenship: Queer Objects, Intimate Exposures, and the Rescue Rush in Kenya” (Cultural Anthropology, 2020). March 2, 2021.

George Paul Meiu on Ethno-erotic Economies and Queer Objects, June 5, 2019, Global South Center, University of Cologne.

Video Lecture: “Panics over Plastics: A Matter of Belonging in Kenya.” March 11, 2020, Hutchins Center for African and African American Research, Harvard University.

Podcast: Interview on Ethno-erotic Economies, March 26, 2018. Interviewed by Erin Freas-Smith about his book on the New Books Network. 

Podcast: “From Fieldnotes to First Draft: Writing as a Way of Thinking”, Professor Meiu walks us through his method of moving from fieldnotes to finished writing product as a process. How do we reflect on fieldnotes? How (and why) do we make “notes on notes?” How can we envision the argument emergent as we draft our texts?